April 2, 2024

A-Team Insight: OpenYield Launches Automated Bond Trading Platform


Media Mention

This feature was first published in A-Team Insight. Read the full piece highlighting OpenYield’s launch HERE.

OpenYield Trading LLC, a relatively new player in the financial markets, has commenced its operations as a broker-dealer and alternative trading system (ATS) registered with both FINRA and the SEC, by executing its first trade.

The OpenYield platform is designed to democratise access to the bond market, catering to broker-dealers, financial advisors, and asset managers by offering a combination of liquidity, technology, analytics, flexible APIs and comprehensive data services, aiming to provide a low-cost, equity-like marketplace for bond trading.

A significant milestone for the company is its onboarding of leading algorithmic market makers, including Flow Traders and TD Securities Automated Trading. It is also working with Apex Clearing, which supports over 100 brokerages with assets under custody surpassing $100 billion. This collaboration is set to widen the platform’s reach, connecting a diverse spectrum of financial technology firms and established asset managers.

OpenYield aims to address longstanding obstacles within the fixed-income sector, such as the traditional reliance on indicative quotes and the complexities surrounding trade execution. By leveraging pricing algorithms, the platform promises firm prices and instant execution, eliminating human intervention and operational uncertainties. Furthermore, OpenYield simplifies the investment process by curating a selection of liquid bonds from various categories, including corporate, municipal, and Treasury bonds.

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